information architecture, interactive

An oppressive installation concerning the issue of land mines.

The task of the workshop was to present a complex topic in an accessible and, if possible, emotional way. With Lukas Escher, we chose the issue of land mines, which today still poses a hidden and fatal threat to the civilian people of many countries. We wanted people to experience the statistics about land mines (mines placed per day, victims per day) in an appropriately threatening and oppressive way. Together we devised a concept, after which I did the research and created the projection.

The central piece of our exhibit was the Field: a stylized projection of a mine field, which gradually filled up corresponding to the number of mines placed in a day, accompanied by the relentless sound of a ticking clock. The victims per day are represented by red mine symbols (and the sudden sound of an explosion), their rate of placement also according to the statistics. Around the projection, various information about the issue is laid out. In order to be able to read it, visitors have to step inside the mine field.

Temporary architecture workshop with Prof. Roland Lambrette from Atelier Markgraph.
Hochschule für Künste Bremen, 2008