information architecture, interactive

An interactive exhibit about the odds of dying in different (and somewhat improbable) ways

The title of this class was simply ‘Information Architecture’. My choice for a subject fell on statistical data about the odds of dying in different ways, ranging from more probable scenarios to rather uncommon events (being fatally struck by a meteor, for instance). I wanted these somewhat depressing statistics to be grasped in a playful and direct manner, for which I decided to use simple dies (pun not intended) as a medium.

The dies are marked with a single dot on one or more sides and placed inside transparent spheres. The number of dies inside a sphere is related to the information given on its outside: for example, the odds of getting hit by a meteor (1 : 3 750 000 000) corresponds approximately to getting all fifteen dies to show a dot.

Temporary architecture class with Prof. Roland Lambrette
Hochschule für Künste Bremen, 2012