Various Game Prototypes and WIPs (2006 - 2023)

I finally went and recorded some of the game prototypes I still have from over the years.

Stray Particles (Game Maker's Tool Kit 2020 game jam, theme: Out of Control).

This was result of my participation in the GMTK 2020 game jam. I started late and built this little prototype over the course of about 30ish hours - the gameplay is severely lacking and the controls are not fine-tuned at all, but at least it's somewhat nice looking.

Untitled Akira-inspired action racing game, 2019-present

An experiment in trying to capture the look and feel of Akira's famous bike chase, both in terms of gameplay and faded lo-fi VHS look. Would like to make this into a finished game, eventually.

Spaced, 2006

A Flash-clone of Asteroids, with the twist that it controls entirely with a single key (the space bar, hence the name - very clever!)

Apnea, 2007

More of an interactive moodpiece, focusing on minimalist fluid controls and animations.

Untitled Delivery Van game (Game Maker's Tool Kit game jam 2023, theme: Delivery)

Didn't finish this one, but I still had fun creating a cartoony diorama-like delivery van racer. Might keep working on this at some point.

Dice Golf (unfinished, Game Maker's Tool Kit game jam 2022, theme: Roll of the Dice)

Another unfinished game jam entry, mixing golfing & dice rolling. The look was inspired by early 1990s SEGA games and their oversaturated, cheerful (perhaps even garish) palettes.

The Approximate Present (2014)

Festivals: GLAS Animation 2017, Berkeley, California / Animafest Flagey 2015, Belgium / Animafest Zagreb 2019, Croatia

A short animated film about the weather – inspired and informed by chaos theory and Lorenz attractors, romantic landscape paintings and the minimalist polygonal look of early computer simulations.


Weltformat 2014: "Desire"
Call for Entries Poster

I was asked to create the call for entries poster for the Weltformat 2014 poster contest. The theme was "Desire" (German: "Lust")

Weltformat 2013: "Curiosity"
Winner Student Poster Contest

My entry won the 2013 student poster contest of the Weltformat Festival in Lucerne (CH). The theme of the contest was "Curiosity".